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Retro club Pirin


retroclubpirin logoThe automobile and motorcycle retro club “Pirin” – Blagoevgrad is an organization, whose main purpose is to save, protect and restore retro and classic cars and motorcycles without any limitation to the model and brand. The first try was in 1996, but there were too many reasons and the actual year when the RETRO CLUB “PIRIN” was established  was on the 13.09.2001. The first activity was оn the leaders of the Bulgarian National Revival  was on  the 24.05.2002. Its purpose was to focus more attention to people who are interested in such cars and motorcycles. The first participation of Retro Club “Pirin” was in a national activity actually on the 06.07.2002 when the race was from Sofia to the Rila monastery organized every year by BAC “Retro”. On the 24.05.2004 year there had been another exhibition on retro cars, in the center of Blagoevgrad, even though the rainy weather there also participated motorcycles. On the 10.07 and 11.07.2004 year another Retro Rally had been organized by Retro Club “PIRIN” and BAC “Retro”. The first day was planned for a review and exhibition and on the second day there was a race for time to the Rila monastery. The future plans of the RETRO CLUB “PIRIN” are to participate in other exciting activities.